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Privately Browse the Internet with a VPN

When you come home at night, do you draw the shades? You don’t close the shutters or dim the lights because you have a meth lab in your living room. You just don’t want people driving by looking in your windows. We just like our privacy at home. If you value your privacy online too, you need a virtual private network or VPN.

These days it’s hard to get most people to agree on anything, but I think that I have finally found something on which we can all agree. I contend that there is not a single one of us wants our own, personal browsing history to be sold to advertisers without our permission. Agreed?

Well, it just got personal. It is now absolutely legal for your Internet company to sell your browsing history to advertising companies, or whomever, without your consent. I can’t make this stuff up. On April, 3 2017, the government reversed an FCC rule entitled “Protecting the Privacy of Customers of Broadband and Other Telecommunications Services.”

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