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What Our Clients Say

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Greg H.

Totally amazed how fast Tom took care of my super slow laptop. It's kinda funny, I went to a major computer store called Micro Center and the tech when asked if he could clean up my laptop I purchased from them , and the tech said the only thing they could do is reset it. Well needless to say I said " heck I can do that myself" and he just looked at me like a deer in headlights lol. Anyhow, Tom immediately responded to my situation, and resolved the issues I was having. Very professional and great value.
I definitely plan on using and referring Rescue My Gadget to my family and friends. great job Tom D.

Peter P.

Another new computer with a few new issues. Again we contacted Rescue My Gadget for some oddball data transfer issues. They were very quick to respond and saved my sanity. As usual, Tom was pleasant and discussed the processes at my level.

Amanda M.

Rescue My Gadget has been my go-to expert for my computers, phones, wireless devices. Tom is a genius at diagnosing the problems and resolving all issues. He is accessible, knowledgeable, and personable! When I purchase new computers, I always include him in the selection...

Allison G.

I would highly recommend Tom! We have used Rescue My Gadget for many years and Tom has never let us down. Fair prices and always speedy to respond. Service is second to none!

Jan S.

My computer went dead and I called Rescue My Gadget. Tom tried to help me fix it over the phone to no avail. He came out the very next day and in a short time, he had it up and running. This is not the first time I have used Rescue My Gadget. I can only say the service was...

Ann R.

Tom is competent, knowledgeable, hardworking, and honest. I recommend him highly.

Jeff H.

The owner of the company, Tom Danisi, is absolutely the best. The computer and it's databases can become the central nervous system of a persons business. Tom comes across like the captain of a jet when oncoming bad weather approaches with a calm and cool demeanor that says, "You're Going to Be Alight', I got you". I highly recommend Tom as a trusted person to do what's right for you and your computer.

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